27 mai 2016

REVUE : Human Rights Quarterly (vol. 38, no°2, May 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Human Rights Quarterly (vol. 38, no°2, May 2016) is out.

Kora Andrieu, Confronting the Dictatorial Past in Tunisia: Human Rights and the Politics of Victimhood in Transitional Justice Discourses Since 2011 
Turkuler Isiksel, The Rights of Man and the Rights of the Man-Made: Corporations and Human Rights 
Christof Heyns, Human Rights and the use of Autonomous Weapons Systems (AWS) During Domestic Law Enforcement 
José Juan Vázquez & Sonia Panadero, Chronicity and Pseudo Inheritance of Social Exclusion: Differences According to the Poverty of the Family of Origin Among Trash Pickers in León, Nicaragua 
Pamela G. Poon, Kiely Houston, Abina Shrestha, Rajin Rayamajhi, Lily Thapa, & Pamela 
J. Surkan, Nepali Widows’ Access to Legal Entitlements: A Human Rights Issue 
Sarita Cargas, Questioning Samuel Moyn’s Revisionist History of Human Rights 
David L. Sloss, How International Human Rights Transformed the US Constitution 
Jody Sarich, Michele Olivier & Kevin Bales, Forced Marriage, Slavery, and Plural Legal Systems: An African Example 
David L. Richards, The Myth of Information Effects in Human Rights Data: Response to Ann Marie Clark and Kathryn Sikkink 
Ann Marie Clark & Kathryn Sikkink, Response to David L. Richards

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