7 novembre 2016

REVUE : Air & Space Law (vol. 41, n°4-5, 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of Air & Space Law (vol. 41, n°4-5, 2016) is out.

Alan Shaw & Peter Rosher, Micro Satellites: The Smaller the Satellites, the Bigger the Challenges? 
Ricardo de Oliveira, The Distinction Between Civil and State Aircraft: Does the Current Legal Framework Provide Sufficient Clarity of Law with Regard to Civil and State Aircraft in Relation to Aviation Practicalities? 
Sidhant Sharma, To What Extent Has the Self-Assessment Principle, Introduced in Regulation 1/2003, Affected, Whether Positively or Negatively, the Undertakings in Air Transport Sector in the European Union? 
Rishiraj Baruah, Legal Issues of Franchising in Airline Industry 
Hamza Hameed & Dimitra Stefoudi, Report on the Symposium on Legal Aspects of Space Resource Utilization: IIASL, Leiden University, 17 April 2016

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