29 janvier 2017

REVUE : International Review of the Red Cross (vol. 97, n°900, winter 2015)

Catherine MAIA

The latest volume of the International Review of the Red Cross (vol. 97, n°900, winter 2015) is out with an issue on "The Evolution of Warfare."

Vincent Bernard, Tactics, techniques, tragedies: A humanitarian perspective on the changing face of war
Interview with Richard Overy: Professor at the University of Exeter
Daniel Palmieri, How warfare has evolved – a humanitarian organization's perception: The case of the ICRC, 1863–1960
Elizabeth van Heyningen, The South African War as humanitarian crisis 
Annette Becker, The Great War: World war, total war
Emre Öktem & Alexandre Toumarkine, Will the Trojan War take place? Violations of the rules of war and the Battle of the Dardanelles (1915)
Éric Germain, Out of sight, out of reach: Moral issues in the globalization of the battlefield
Lindsey Cameron, The ICRC in the First World War: Unwavering belief in the power of law?
Heide Fehrenbach & Davide Rodogno, “A horrific photo of a drowned Syrian child”: Humanitarian photography and NGO media strategies in historical perspective
Rain Liivoja, Technological change and the evolution of the law of war
Claudia McGoldrick, The state of conflicts today: Can humanitarian action adapt? 
Lindsey Cameron, Bruno Demeyere, Jean-Marie Henckaerts, Eve La Haye, & Heike Niebergall-Lackner, The updated Commentary on the First Geneva Convention – a new tool for generating respect for international humanitarian law
Tristan Ferraro, The ICRC's legal position on the notion of armed conflict involving foreign intervention and on determining the IHL applicable to this type of conflict
Christiane Johannot-Gradis, Protecting the past for the future: How does law protect tangible and intangible cultural heritage in armed conflict?
Anna Di Lellio & Emanuele Castano, The danger of “new norms” and the continuing relevance of IHL in the post-9/11 era
Claire Landais & Léa Bass, Reconciling the rules of international humanitarian law with the rules of European human rights law
Tim McFarland, Factors shaping the legal implications of increasingly autonomous military systems Randolph Kent, The future of warfare: Are we ready?

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