4 janvier 2017

REVUE : Journal of International Criminal Justice (vol. 14, n°4, September 2016)

Kadidiatou HAMA

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (vol. 14, n°4, September 2016) is out.


Jessie Ingle, Aiding and Abetting by Omission before the International Criminal Tribunals 
Andrea Carcano, Of Fragmentation and Precedents in International Criminal Law: Possible Lessons from Recent Jurisprudence on Aiding and Abetting Liability 
Isabelle Xavier, The Incongruity of the Rome Statute Insanity Defence and International Crime


Srebrenica 1995-2015: The Search For Justice

Luisa Vierucci, Foreword 
Otto Spijkers, Questions of Legal Responsibility for Srebrenica before the Dutch
Valentina Spiga, The Response to Srebrenica from States Not Directly Involved in The
Michelle Jarvis, Alan Tieger, Applying the Genocide Convention at The ICTY: The Influence of Paradigms Past 
Pierre-Marie Dupuy, A Crime Without Punishment 
Maria Irene Papa, The Mothers of Srebrenica Case before the European Court of Human Rights: United Nations Immunity Versus Right of Access to a Court 
Luisa Vierucci, Micaela Frulli, Antonio Cassese and Srebrenica

Third World Approaches To International Criminal Law

Asad Kiyani, John Reynolds And Sujith Xavier, Foreword 
Michelle Burgis-Kasthala, Scholarship as Dialogue? Twail and the Politics of Methodology 
Asad Kiyani, Group-Based Differentiation and Local Repression: The Custom and
Curse of Selectivity 
John Reynolds And Sujith Xavier, ‘The Dark Corners of The World’: Twail and International Criminal Justice 
Vasuki Nesiah, Local Ownership of Global Governance

Cases Before International Courts And Tribunals

Marco Longobardo, Everything is Relative, Even Gravity: Remarks on the Assessment of Gravity in ICC Preliminary Examinations, and the Mavi Marmara Affair

Book Reviews

Hilmi M. Zawati, Libya: From Repression to Revolution. A Record of Armed Conflict and International Law Violations, 2011-2013, by M. Cherif Bassiouni (ed.) 
Claire Magnoux, The International Criminal Court in Ongoing Intrastate Conflicts: Navigating the Peace-Justice Divide, by Patrick S. Wegner 
Moussa Bienvenu Haba, The Sierra Leone Special Court and its Legacy: The Impact for Africa and International Criminal Law, by Charles Chernor Jalloh (ed.) 
Guo Cai, Hong Kong’s War Crimes Trials, by Suzannah Linton (ed.)

Call For Papers: The International Criminal Court’s Policies and Strategies

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