27 janvier 2017

REVUE : Spanish Yearbook of International Law (vol. 19, 2015)

Catherine MAIA

The latest volume of the Spanish Yearbook of International Law (vol. 19, 2015) is out. 

The Classics’ Corner 

Oriol Casanovas y La Rosa, A debate over International Economic Law: The discussion between Adolfo Miaja de la Muela and Mariano Aguilar Navarro in 1971/72 

General Articles

Nuria González Martín, Non Exceptional Exceptions: The Latest on The United State of America and Mexico Supreme Courts’ Hague Abduction Decisions (Lozano and Direct Amparo under Revision 903/2014)
José Martín y Pérez de Nanclares, Legal considerations regarding a hypothetical unilateral declaration of independence by Catalonia: a legally unfeasible political scenario

José Manuel Sobrino Heredia & Gabriela A. Oanta, The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements of the European Union and the Objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy : Fisheries and/or Development?

Ana Peyró Llopis, Building a Security Council Resolution: When Numbers on Illicit Activities Matter

Forum: As time goes by: Spain in the UN at 60s and EU at 30s! 

Xavier Pons Rafols, Spain in the United Nations: Sixtieth Anniversary
Francisco Aldecoa Luzárraga, Spain’s contribution to the advancement and consolidation of the European political union 

Agora: The extraterritorial application of EU Law 

Montserrat Abad Castelos & Laura Carballo Piñeiro, An introduction by the guest co-editors of the Agora  
Carmen Pérez González, On Transparency, Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption: Some Lessons (and Questions) from an International Law Perspective  
María Asunción Cebrian Salvat, The Extraterritorial Application of European Contract Law 
Marta Ortega Gómez, European Union Intellectual Property Standards in the Framework of the ongoing Negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and India  
Anabela Susana de Sousa Gonçalves, The extraterritorial application of the EU Directive on data protection  
Yi-Hsuan Chen, The EU Data Protection Law Reform: Challenges for Service Trade Liberalization and Possible Approaches for Harmonizing Privacy Standards into the Context of GATS  
Mistale Taylor, Flying from the EU to the US: necessary extraterritorial legal diffusion in the US-EU Passenger Name Record agreement  
Martyna Kusak, The Standards for Protection of Financial Information Gathered Within EU-US Cooperation in Criminal Matters. An Outline of the Existing Legal Framework and New Initiatives in Personal Data Protection 
Nesrin Suleiman, Concentrations between Non-European Enterprises and the European Merger Control Regulation  
Ricardo Pereira, The External Dimensions of the EU Legislative Initiatives to Combat Environmental Crime  
Nelson F. Coelho, Extraterritoriality from the Port: EU’s approach to jurisdiction over ship-source pollution

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