5 mars 2017

REVUE : European Investment Law and Arbitration Review (vol. 1, 2016)

David ROY

The inaugural issue of the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review (vol. 1, 2016) is out. 

Inga Martinkute, The Delimitation of Contractual Rights and Property in International Investment Law 
Maria Laura Marceddu, The EU Dispute Settlement: Towards Legal Certainty in an Uneven International Investment System? 
Martina Magnarelli, The Unresolved Conundrum of Contract-Based and Treaty-Based Claims – An extra element of contention: privity of contract and forum selection clauses in investment contracts 
Egishe Dzhazoyan & Benjamin Burnham, The Aftermath of the Hague District Court Judgment: Are the Yukos Shareholders Now Shut out from Enforcing the ECT Awards through the English Courts? 
Simon Maynard, Legitimate Expectations and the Interpretation of the 'Legal Stability Obligation' 
Denis Parchajev & Rimantas Daujotas, Can Amici Curiae Rescue the Fading EU ISDS System? 
Irene Ng & Valeria Benedetti del Rio, The Use of Online Dispute Resolution in the Realm of Investment Arbitration in the European Union 
Judith Knieper, The UNCITRAL Transparency Standards in ISDS as a result of multi-lateral negotiation 
EFILA section 
Sophie Nappert, Escaping from Freedom? The dilemma of an improved ISDS mechanism 
Filippo Fontanelli, Koorosh Ameli, Ilias Bantekas, Horia Ciurtin, Nikos Lavranos, 
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano & Emma Spiteri Gonzi, Lights and shadows of the WTO-inspired International Court System
EFILA Annual Conference 2016 contributions 
John P. Gaffney, The Rule of Law and Alternatives to Investment Arbitration 
Barton Legum, The International Minimum Standard of Treatment and Human Rights: A Pedigree in the Rule of Law 
Richard Happ, Why Investment Arbitration Contributes to the Rule of Law: Without knowing where we came from we cannot know where we are heading to
Transparency and Independence of Arbitrators in Investment Arbitration: Rule of Law Implications Mathias Wolkewitz

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