13 mai 2017

REVUE : International Peacekeeping (vol. 24, n°2, 2017)

David ROY

The latest issue of International Peacekeeping (vol. 24, n°2, 2017) is out. 

Naazneen H. Barma, Naomi Levy & Jessica Piombo, Disentangling aid dynamics in statebuilding and peacebuilding: a causal framework 
Beverley Milton-Edwards, The ‘Warriors Break’: Hamas and the Limits of Ceasefire Beyond Tactical Pause 
Nina Wilén & Lindy Heinecken, Peacekeeping deployment abroad and the self-perceptions of the effect on career advancement, status and reintegration 
Stephanie Perazzone, Reintegrating former fighters in the Congo: ambitious objectives, limited results 
Debora Valentina Malito, Neutral in favour of whom? The UN intervention in Somalia and the Somaliland peace process 
Vladimir Kmec, The establishment of the Peacebuilding Commission: reflecting power shifts in the United Nations 
Simone Datzberger, Peacebuilding through non-formal education programmes: a case study from Karamoja, Uganda

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