3 septembre 2017

REVUE : Global Environmental Politics (vol. 17, n°3, August 2017)

David ROY

The latest issue of Global Environmental Politics (vol. 17, n°3, August 2017) is dedicated to "Global Turn to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading? Experiments, Actors, and Diffusion".

Katja Biedenkopf, Patrick Müller, Peter Slominski, Jørgen Wettestad, Introduction 
Guri Bang, David G. Victor, Steinar Andresen, California’s Cap-and-Trade System: Diffusion and Lessons 
Tor Håkon Jackson Inderberg, Ian Bailey, Nichola Harmer, Designing New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme 
Patrick Müller, Peter Slominski, The Politics of Learning: Developing an Emissions Trading Scheme in Australia 
Mattijs Smits, The New (Fragmented) Geography of Carbon Market Mechanisms: Governance Challenges from Thailand and Vietnam 
Katja Biedenkopf, Sarah Van Eynde, Hayley Walker, Policy Infusion Through Capacity Building and Project Interaction: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in China 
Lars H. Gulbrandsen, François Sammut, Jørgen Wettestad, Emissions Trading and Policy Diffusion: Complex EU ETS Emulation in Kazakhstan 
Markus Lederer, Carbon Trading: Who Gets What, When, and How? 
Book Review Essay
J. Samuel Barkin, Complicating Carbon Markets

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