15 février 2018

REVUE : International Review of the Red Cross (vol. 98, n°903, December 2016)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (vol. 98, n°903, December 2016) is out. The theme is: "Detention: Addressing the human cost."

Vincent Bernard, Out of Sight, out of Mind? Exposing the human cost of detention 
Interview with Abdoulaye Kaka, General of the Police and Head of the Central Counterterrorism Agency in Niger 
Roger Mayou, Prisoners’ objects: The collection of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum 
Andrew Coyle, Catherine Heard, Helen Fair, Current trends and practices in the use of imprisonment 
Megan Comfort, Tasseli McKay, Justin Landwehr, Erin Kennedy, Christine 
Lindquist, Anupa Bir, The costs of incarceration for families of prisoners 
Andrew Thompson, “Restoring hope where all hope was lost”: Nelson Mandela, the ICRC and the protection of political detainees in apartheid South Africa 
Vincent Ballon, Overcrowding: Nobody's fault? When some struggle to survive waiting for everyone to take responsibility 
Roy Panti Valenzuela, Glimmers of hope: A report on the Philippine Criminal Justice System 
Julio César Magán Zevallos, Overcrowding in the Peruvian prison system 
Jonathan Luke Austin, Riccardo Bocco, Becoming a torturer: Towards a global ergonomics of care 
Paul Hathazy, Markus-Michael Müller, The crisis of detention and the politics of denial in Latin America 
Rachael Bedard, Lia Metzger, Brie Williams, Ageing prisoners: An introduction to geriatric health-care challenges in correctional facilities 
Tilman Rodenhäuser, Strengthening IHL protecting persons deprived of their liberty: Main aspects of the consultations and discussions since 2011 
Zelalem Mogessie Teferra, National security and the right to liberty in armed conflict: The legality and limits of security detention in international humanitarian law 
Thomas Forster, International humanitarian law's old questions and new perspectives: On what law has got to do with armed conflict 
Djemila Carron, When is a conflict international? Time for new control tests in IHL

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