20 avril 2018

OUVRAGE : C. Stahn, J. Iverson, J.S. Easterday (eds.), Environmental Protection and Transitions from Conflict to Peace

Carsten STAHN, Jens IVERSON, Jennifer S. EASTERDAY

Environmental protection is fundamental for the establishment of sustainable peace. Applying traditional legal approaches to protection raises particular challenges during the transition from conflict to peace. In the jus post bellum context, protection of the environment and natural resources needs to be considered in tandem with a broad range of simultaneously applicable normative frameworks, such as human rights, transitional justice, arms control/disarmament, UN law and practice, development, and domestic law. While certain multilateral environment agreements, such as the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage protect the environment; international humanitarian law and international criminal law continue to treat environmental protection largely from an anthropocentric perspective.

This book is the first targeted work in the legal literature that investigates environmental challenges in the aftermath of conflict. Addressing these challenges, it brings together academics, policy-makers, and practitioners from different disciplines to clarify policies and practices of environmental protection and key normative frameworks. It draws on experiences and practices in post-conflict settings to specify substantive principles and techniques to remedy and prevent harm.

Carsten Stahn, Jens Iverson, Jennifer Easterday, Introduction 
Carl Bruch, Peacebuilding and the Environment 
Cymie R. Payne, Defining the 'Environment' and the Principle of Environmental Integrity 
Simon O'Connor, Considering the 'Harm Principle', Environmental Damage, and Armed Conflict 
Kirsten Stefanik, The Environment and Armed Conflict: Employing General Principles to Protect the Environment 
Britta Sjöstedt, Protecting the Environment During and After Armed Conflict through Multilateral Environmental Agreements 
Karen L. Hulme, Using Human Rights and Transitional Justice for Post-Conflict Environmental Protection and Remediation 
Daniëlla Dam, Standard-Setting Practices for the Management of Natural Resources in Conflict-Torn States 
Carl Bruch, Olivia Radics, Protection of Natural Resources Through the Law of Pillage
Thilo Marauhn, Environmental Implications of Disarmament: The Chemical Weapons Convention Case 
Dieter Fleck, Legal Protections of the Environment: The Double Challenge of Non-International Armed Conflict and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding 
Matthew Gillet, Greening Warfare: Protecting the Environment during Non-International Armed Conflict 
Jennifer Easterday, Hana Ivanhoe, Conflict, Cash and Controversy: Protecting Environmental Rights in Post-Conflict Settings 
Onita Das, Aneaka Kellay, Private Security Companies and other Private Security Service Providers (PSCs) and Environmental Protection in Post-Conflict Settings: Policy and Regulatory Challenges 
Ursin Hofmann, Post-Conflict Mine Action: Environment and Law 
Cymie R. Payne, The UNCC and the Environment 
Ilias Plakokefalos, Reparations for Environmental Damage in Jus Post Bellum: The Problem of Shared Responsibility 
Merryl Lawry-White, Victims of Environmental Harm during Conflict: the Potential for 'Justice' 
Anne Dienelt, 'After the War is Before the War': The Environment, Preventive IHL Measures and Their Post-Conflict Impact 
Carsten Stahn, Jennifer Easterday, Jens Iverson, Taking Stock of Emerging Norms, Principles and Practices

Carsten STAHN, Jens IVERSON, Jennifer S. EASTERDAY (eds.), Environmental Protection and Transitions from Conflict to Peace, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2017 (512 pp.)

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