9 avril 2018

REVUE : Journal of International Criminal Justice (vol. 16, n°1, March 2018)

Kadidiatou HAMA

The latest issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (vol. 16, n°1, March 2018) is out.

Editorial Comment
Claus Kreß, On the Activation of ICC Jurisdiction over the Crime of Aggression
Current Events
Andreas Zimmermann, A Victory for International Rule of Law? Or: All's Well that Ends Well?: The 2017 ASP Decision to Amend the Kampala Amendment on the Crime of Aggression 
Darin Clearwater, When (and How) Will the Crime of Aggression Amendments Enter into Force?: Interpreting the Rome Statute by Recognizing Participation in the Adoption of the Crime of Aggression Resolutions as ‘Subsequent Practice’ under the VCLT
Talita de Souza Dias, The Retroactive Application of the Rome Statute in Cases of Security Council Referrals and Ad hoc Declarations: An Appraisal of the Existing Solutions to an Under-discussed Problem
Symposium: The Many Shades of International Criminal Justice
Alex Whiting, Foreword 
Zachary D Kaufman, The Prospects, Problems and Proliferation of Recent UN Investigations of International Law Violations 
Beth Van Schaack, The Iraq Investigative Team and Prospects for Justice for the Yazidi Genocide
Cases Before International Courts and Tribunals
Nader Iskandar Diab, Challenges in the Implementation of the Reparation Award against Hissein Habré: Can the Spell of Unenforceable Awards across the Globe be Broken?
National Prosecution of International Crimes: Legislation and Cases

Wolfgang Kaleck, Patrick Kroker, Syrian Torture Investigations in Germany and Beyond: Breathing New Life into Universal Jurisdiction in Europe?

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