1 mai 2018

OUVRAGE : W. Werner, M. de Hoon, A. Galán (eds.), The Law of International Lawyers: Reading Martti Koskenniemi

Wouter WERNER, Marieke de HOON, Alexis GALÁN

For decades, Martti Koskenniemi has not just been an influential writer in international law; his work has caused a significant shift in the direction of the field. This book engages with some of the core questions that have animated Koskenniemi's scholarship so far. Its chapters attest to the breadth and depth of Koskenniemi's oeuvre and the different ways in which he has explored these questions. Koskenniemi's work is applied to a wide range of functional areas in international law and discussed in relation to an even broader range of theoretical perspectives, including history, political theory, sociology and international relations theory. These invaluable insights have been expertly brought together by the volume editors, who identify the key and common themes of many of the book's contributions. This volume demonstrates the importance of critical legal scholarship in the ways international law is enacted, shaped and reshaped over time.


Introduction: the law of international lawyers Wouter Werner, Marieke De Hoon and Alexis Galán
1. Gregor Noll, What moves law? Martti Koskenniemi and transcendence in international law 
2. David Dyzenhaus, Formalism, realism and the politics of indeterminacy 
3. Nigel D. White, Settling disputes: a matter of politics and law 
4. Jaye Ellis, Form meets function: the culture of formalism and international environmental regimes 
5. Eric A. Posner, Martti Koskenniemi on human rights: an empirical perspective 
6. Jutta Brunnée and Stephen J. Toope, The rule of law in an agnostic world: the prohibition on the use of force and humanitarian exceptions 
7. Nikolas M. Rajkovic, The space between us: law, teleology and the new orientalism of counterdisciplinarity 
8. Sahib Singh, The critical subject 
9. Friedrich Kratochwil, Practicing law: Spoudaios, professional, expert, or 'Macher'? Reflections on the changing nature of an occupation 
10. Frédéric Mégret, Thinking about what international humanitarian lawyers 'do': an examination of the laws of war as a field of professional practice 
11. Anne Orford, International law and the limits of history 
12. Andrew Lang and Susan Marks, Even the dead will not be safe: international law and the struggle over tradition 
13. Samuel Moyn, Martti Koskenniemi and the historiography of international law in the age of the war on terror 
14. Liliana Obregón, Martti Koskenniemi's critique of Eurocentrism in international law 
Epilogue: to enable and enchant: epilogue on the power of law Martti Koskenniemi

The Law of International Lawyers

Wouter WERNER, Marieke de HOON, Alexis GALÁN (eds.), The Law of International Lawyers: Reading Martti Koskenniemi, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017 (428 pp.)

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