18 juin 2014

REVUE : International Studies Quarterly (vol. 58, n°2, June 2014)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the International Studies Quarterly (vol. 58, n°2, June 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Diplomacy and Decision Making
    • Paul C. Avey & Michael C. Desch, What Do Policymakers Want From Us? Results of a Survey of Current and Former Senior National Security Decision Makers
    • Brandon J Kinne, Dependent Diplomacy: Signaling, Strategy, and Prestige in the Diplomatic Network
  • Trade and Globalization
    • Jeremy Caddel, Domestic Competition over Trade Barriers in the US International Trade Commission
    • Laura Gomez-Mera & Andrea Molinari, Overlapping Institutions, Learning, and Dispute Initiation in Regional Trade Agreements: Evidence from South America
    • Damian Raess, Export Dependence and Institutional Change in Wage Bargaining in Germany
    • Tobias Pfutze, Clientelism Versus Social Learning: The Electoral Effects of International Migration
  • International Organizations and Multilateral Cooperation
    • Hye Jee Cho, Impact of IMF Programs on Perceived Creditworthiness of Emerging Market Countries: Is There a “Nixon-Goes-to-China” Effect?
    • Karolina M. Milewicz & Manfred Elsig, The Hidden World of Multilateralism: Treaty Commitments of Newly Democratized States in Europe
  • Non-State Actors
    • Brian J. Phillips, Terrorist Group Cooperation and Longevity
    • Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni & Teale N. Phelps Bondaroff, From Advocacy to Confrontation: Direct Enforcement by Environmental NGOs
  • Development and Aid
    • Darin Christensen & Erik Wibbels, Labor Standards, Labor Endowments, and the Evolution of Inequality
    • Jonathan K. Hanson, Forging then Taming Leviathan: State Capacity, Constraints on Rulers, and Development
    • Matthew S. Winters, Targeting, Accountability and Capture in Development Projects
  • Civil War
    • Stephan Haggard & Lydia Tiede, The Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Settings: The Empirical Record
    • Halvard Buhaug, Lars-Erik Cederman and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Square Pegs in Round Holes: Inequalities, Grievances, and Civil War

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