23 février 2018

REVUE : International Journal of Human Rights (vol. 22, n°2, 2018)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (vol. 22, n°2, 2018) is out.

Sara Bailey, Beyond radical rhetoric: translating structural conceptions of the right to food into concrete demands for change 
Dominique Clément, Human rights or social justice? The problem of rights inflation 
Joshua B. Forrest, Local autonomy as a human right 
Ignatius Yordan Nugraha, Human rights derogation during coup situations 
Jeremy Sarkin, Respecting and protecting the lives of migrants and refugees: the need for a human rights approach to save lives and find missing persons 
Sebastien Moretti, Protection in the context of mixed migratory movements by sea: the case of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea Crisis 
Jessika Eichler, New responses to mining extractivism in the Bolivian lowlands: the role and potential of indigenous cooperatives in self-managing mining resources 
Luke G.G. Bhatia, Intersections between the local and global: the Bahrain human rights movement

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