21 juin 2018

REVUE : Journal of International Economic Law (vol. 21, n° 2, June 2018)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Journal of International Economic Law (vol. 21, n° 2, June 2018) is out, with a special issue on "Voices From Buenos Aires: Rethinking Trade Rules for a Digital Economy".

Shunko Rojas & Gustavo Béliz, Introduction to the Special Issue 
Susan Ariel Aaronson & Patrick Leblond, Another Digital Divide: The Rise of Data Realms and its Implications for the WTO 
Jane Kelsey, How a TPP-Style E-commerce Outcome in the WTO would Endanger the Development Dimension of the GATS Acquis (and Potentially the WTO) 
Henry Gao, Digital or Trade? The Contrasting Approaches of China and US to Digital Trade 
Nivedita Sen, Understanding the Role of the WTO in International Data Flows: Taking the Liberalization or the Regulatory Autonomy Path? 
Rutendo Tavengerwei, Using Trade Facilitation to Assist MSMEs in E-Commerce in Developing Countries 
Rachel Brewster, Exit from Trade Agreements: A Reputational Analysis of Cooperation and Fairness 
Alex Ansong, Single Undertaking, Different Speeds: Pliable Models for Decision-making in the WTO 
Robert Basedow, The WTO and the Rise of Plurilateralism—What Lessons can we Learn from the European Union’s Experience with Differentiated Integration? 
Dylan Geraets, Ensuring Continued Support for the Rules-Based Multilateral Trading System: The Need for a Public–Private Approach

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