19 avril 2013

REVUE : European Yearbook of International Economic Law (vol. 4, 2013)

Catherine MAIA

The latest volume of the European Yearbook of International Economic Law (vol. 4, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Part I Topics
    • Special Focus: International Competition Law and Policy
    • William E. Kovacic, Distinguished Essay: Good Agency Practice and the Implementation of Competition Law
    • Alden F. Abbott & Shanker Singham, Competition Policy and International Trade Distortions
    • Hanspeter Tschaeni & Valérie Engammare, The Relationship between Trade and Competition in Free Trade Agreements: Developments since the 1990s and Challenges
    • Peter Hilpold, Regulating International Competition Issues by Regional Trade Agreements: A Stepping Stone Towards a Plurilateral Trade Agreement?
    • Anestis Papadopoulos, External Competition Law of the EU
    • Johan van de Gronden, Transnational Competition Law and Public Services
    • Trudi Hartzenberg, Competition Policy in Africa
    • Gralf-Peter Calliess, Jens Mertens, & Moritz Renner, Privatizing the Economic Constitution: Can the World Market Reproduce its own Institutional Prerequisites?
    • Yane Svetiev, Competition Law and Development Policy: Subordination, Self-Sufficiency or Integration?
  • Part II Regional Integration
    • Lucrezia Tuis & Colin M. Brown, The European Union and Regional Trade Agreements
    • Patrick C. Reed, US International Trade Agreements in the Western Hemisphere: Legal Developments in 2011
    • James T. Gathii, The Status of African Regional Trade Agreements
    • Ashique Rahman & Chester Brown, Regional Economic Integration in Southeast Asia
  • Part III International Economic Institutions
    • Wolfgang Bergthaler & Andrew Giddings, Recent Quota and Governance Reforms at the International Monetary Fund
    • Hans-Michael Wolffgang & Christopher Dallimore, The Valuation of Goods for Customs Purposes
    • Andrea Wechsler, WIPO and the Public–Private Web of Global Intellectual Property Governance
    • Marc Bungenberg & Catharine Titi, Developments in International Investment Law
    • Edwini Kessie, The Future of the Doha Development Agenda
    • Andreas Krallmann, WTO Dispute Settlement: Current Cases
    • Elisabeth Tuerk & Diana Rosert, UNCTAD’s Role in Addressing International Investment Trends and Challenges

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