22 avril 2016

REVUE : Journal of Conflict & Security Law (vol. 21, n°1, Spring 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict & Security Law (vol. 21, n°1, Spring 2016) is out. Contents include a Special Issue on "Law, Justice and the Security Gap".

  • Christine Chinkin, Mary Kaldor, Iavor Rangelov & Sharon Weill, Special Issue: Law, Justice and the Security Gap
  • Iavor Rangelov, Justice as a Security Strategy? International Justice and the Liberal Peace in the Balkans
  • Rogier Bartels & Katharine Fortin, Law, Justice and a Potential Security Gap: The ‘Organization’ Requirement in International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal law
  • Sharon Weill, Reducing the Security Gap through National Courts: Targeted Killings as a Case Study
  • Jeffrey Davis, Equality of Arms: Complying with International Human Rights Law in Cases Against Alleged Terrorists
  • C.R.G. Murray, Nudging or Fudging? The UK Courts’ Counterterrorism Jurisprudence Since 9/11
  • Tilmann Altwicker & Nuscha Wieczorek, Bridging the Security Gap through EU Rule of Law Missions? Rule of Law Administration by EULEX
  • Deval Desai, Putting Security Culture and Experimentation into Context: Towards a View from the Field(s) of Rule of Law Reform

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