23 août 2016

REVUE : Arbitration International (vol. 32, n°2, June 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of Arbitration International (vol. 32, n°2, June 2016) is out.

    Jonathan Mance, Arbitration: A law unto itself?
    Klaus Peter Berger, To what extent should arbitrators respect domestic case law? The German experience regarding the Law on Standard Terms
    Hilary Heilbron, Dynamics, discretion, and diversity: a recipe for unpredictability in international arbitration
    Gordon Blanke, Entrusting antitrust issues to arbitration: some personal thoughts and considerations
    Recent Developments
    Csongor István Nagy, Arbitration in standardized consumer contracts: a Hungarian perspective in a European context
    Christophe Guibert de Bruet & Johannes Landbrecht, Cloud computing and US-style discovery: new challenges for European companies
    Bakr A. F. Al-Serhan, The separability of arbitration agreement in the Emirati law
    Giacomo Marchisio, A comparative analysis of consent awards: accepting their reality
    Diego P. Fernández Arroyo & Ezequiel H. Vetulli, The new Argentinian arbitration law: a train in an unknown direction?

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