4 août 2018

REVUE : African Journal of International and Comparative Law (vol. 26, n°3, August 2018)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the African Journal of International and Comparative Law (vol. 26, n°3, August 2018) is out.

Justice Srem-Sai, Corporate Governance and the Capital Market in Ghana: The Stymieing Role of the State 
Sylvestre-José-Tidiane Manga, Post-Paris Climate Agreement UNFCCC COP-21: Perspectives on International Environmental Governance 
Derek Inman, Dorothée Cambou & Stefaan Smis, Evolving Legal Protections for Indigenous Peoples in Africa: Some Post-UNDRIP Reflections 
P.J. Badenhorst, New Order Rights to Minerals in South Africa: Ten Years after Mayday 
Emma Charlene Lubaale, The Dominant Role of Commanders in the Sudanese Military Justice System and Accountability for International Crimes 
Fonja Julius Achu, Settlement of Labour Disputes under Cameroonian Labour Law 
Ngozi Chinwa Ole, The Paris Agreement 2015 as a Primer for Developing Nigerian Off-grid Solar Electricity 
Ashraf M. A. Elfakharani, Rohana Abdul Rahman & Nor Anita Abdullah, Compatibility Between US-BIT Norms and the Need for Local Remedies Through Relevant Egyptian Investment Laws

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