14 novembre 2016

REVUE : New York University Journal of International Law and Politics (vol. 48, n°4, Summer 2016)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the New York University Journal of International Law and Politics (vol. 48, n°4, Summer 2016) is out. 

Constitution and Custom: Women’s Rights and Access to Justice in Pluralist Societies

Rangita de Silva de Alwis & Indira Jaising, The Role of Personal Laws in Creating a “Second Sex” 
Esmeralda Lopez & Melissa Hastings, Overlooked and Unprotected: Central American Indigenous Migrant Women in Mexico 
Rachel Sieder, Legal Pluralism and Indigenous Women’s Rights in Mexico: The Ambiguities of Recognition 

Women Confronting ISIS: Local Strategies and States’ Responsibilities 

Charlotte Bunch, Listing to the Women: Human Rights in Conflict Situations: Opening Remarks 
Lisa Davis, ISIL, the Syrian Conflict, Sexual Violence, and the Way Forward: Syrian Women’s Inclusion in the Peace Processes 
Jessica Stern, The UN Security Council’s Arria-Formula Meeting on Vulnerable Groups in Conflict: ISIL’s Targeting of LGMTI Individuals 
Yifat Susskind & Yunar Mohammed, Why True Legal Victories for Human Rights Depend on Grassroots Activists 
Madeleine Ross & Christine Chinkin, Exposing the Gendered Myth of Post-Conflict Transition: The Transformative Power of Economic and Social Rights

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