23 mai 2016

REVUE : Chinese Journal of International Law (vol. 15, n°1, March 2016)


The latest issue of the
 Chinese Journal of International Law (vol. 15, n°1, March 2016) is out. 

  • Editorial Comments
    • Sufian Jusoh, A Dialogue between UN and AALCO Experts on Identification of Customary International Law
    • Michael Wood, The present position within the ILC on the topic “Identification of customary international law”: in partial response to Sienho Yee, Report on the ILC Project on “Identification of Customary International Law”
    • Stephen Mathias, The Work of the International Law Commission on Identification of Customary International Law: A View from the Perspective of the Office of Legal Affairs
    • Sienho Yee, A Reply to Sir Michael Wood's Response to AALCOIEG's Work and My Report on the ILC Project on Identification of Customary International Law
    • Rahmat Mohamad, Some Reflections on the International Law Commission Topic “Identification of Customary International Law”
  • Articles
    • Rein Müllerson, Ideology, Geopolitics and International Law
    • Henan Hu, The Doctrine of Occupation: An Analysis of Its Invalidity under the Framework of International Legal Positivism
    • Carsten Stahn, Between Constructive Engagement, Collusion and Critical Distance: The ICRC and the Development of International Criminal Law
    • Tu Guangjian & Wang Hongyan, Resolution of Cross-border Securities Disputes under the Scheme of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: An Exploration on the Applicable Law
  • Comment
    • Christine Gray, The 2015 Report on Uniting Our Strengths for Peace: a New Framework for UN Peacekeeping?

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