21 décembre 2016

OUVRAGE : M. Bussani, L. Heckendorn Urscheler (eds.), Comparisons in Legal Development: The Impact of Foreign and International Law on National Legal Systems


Legal development may happen slowly, but law never stands still. Among the many factors having an impact on legal development, the influence of foreign and international patterns, although often controversial, is not questionable. But to what extent do foreign and international laws actually affect (the different paths of) legal development? The book aims to provide an answer to this question through different perspectives – from human rights and environmental law to commercial and contract law – and in different geographical contexts – from Europe to Africa, from Asia to Latin America.


Preface, Mauro Bussani & Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler
Foreword, Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler

Justice and Labor
Hassane Cissé, Justice Reform: The Experience of the World Bank
Eve Landau, The Impact of the ILO “Decent Work” Standard on National Labour Laws
Water and the Environment
Philippe Cullet, International Water Norms and Principles: Impacts on Law and Policy Development in India
Astrid Epiney, The Role of International Environmental Standards within the EU
Spreading Human Rights
Giorgio Malinverni, The Diversity of Human Rights Instruments and their Impact in Europe
Harro von Senger, The Impact of International Human Rights Law in China
Crisis and Markets
Dário Moura Vicente, Legal Reforms in the Context of the Financial Crisis: the Case of Portugal
Franz Werro, The Influence of EU Legislation and International Legal Instruments on Swiss Contract Law
Alexander Komarov, The Impact of Foreign Legal Models on Company Law Reform in Russia
Reforming through Comparison
Jorge L. Esquirol, The Impact of Transnational Comparativism on Law in Latin America
H. Patrick Glenn, International and Foreign Factors in Legal Reform: Risk and Opportunities
Sabino Cassese, Beyond Legal Comparison
Afterword, Mauro Bussani

Mauro BUSSANI, Lukas HECKENDORN URSCHELER (eds.), Comparisons in Legal Development: The Impact of Foreign and International Law on National Legal Systems, Zürich, Schulthess Verlag, 2016 (248 pp.)

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